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NoTracks Anti-Tracker 1.4

Excellent privacy protection tool to block websites that track your actions
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NoTracks Anti-Tracker provides you extra security when browsing the Net. This top-quality tool blocks any attempt to record your Internet activity coming from certain websites, such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Woopra, or WebTrends. It works hand in hand with your Internet firewall and your Web browser to detect all these tracking attempts and block them. Thus, thanks to NoTracks your Internet activity will remain unrecorded and private. It is compatible with all the most popular Internet browsers in the market – namely, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Besides, you can always define your own favorite browser if needed.

NoTracks detects any third-party service asking your browser for specific information regarding your Internet activities. These services are interested in recording not only the pages you visit, but also personal information about your location, the browser you use, the time zone you live in, or what computer you are using. This utility not only detects and blocks these unwanted requests, but it also provides you with information about the service that is trying to capture this information, the processes and connections that are active and the number of threats that have been blocked so far. Besides, it offers you real-time information about your activity (complete with a graph), the hosts and ports that are being used, as well as the data sent and received and the download and upload rates.

Finally, the settings tab will allow you to define which browsers and programs NoTracks can consider to be safe, and which domains are excluded from the program’s activity. Once configured, it will move quietly to the task bar, and will remain there watching out for you while taking up few of your system’s resources.

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  • Allows you to exclude specific domains
  • Simple interface
  • Takes up very few of your system's resources


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